About Casemixer

Casemixer is a new way of searching for wine and creating mixed cases. It's all about giving freedom to the online wine buyer. It gives them the freedom to explore your wine list in a way that focusses on what they are interested in buying.


Using Casemixer is really simple. There are three basic steps:

Casemixer - Step 1

The customer starts by entering how much they are looking to spend.

Casemixer - Step 2

Next they decide on the size of their case. For example they might be looking for 12 bottles.

Casemixer - Step 3

In the final step, they select the style of wine they would like.

Once Casemixer has this information it searches the wine list to find a selection of wines to match the customer's preferences.


Simplicity leads to speed and Casemixer quickly presents customers with selections of wine to suit what they have asked for. This focussed style of search means more time is spent on items that customers are interested in, an important factor in converting visits into purchases.


Casemixer is a dynamic feature that provides answers to customers' questions. For example, "What do I get if I spend 75 on a case of French reds?" or "How does my case change by spending 5 more?"

Integrating Casemixer is simple. It can be configured to suit the style and requirements of your site with minimum effort. Please contact us for more details.

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Casemixer, the ideal wine search system for mixed cases of red wine, white wine, corporate wine gifts and wine presents.