Looking for a case of red wine? Or how about a mix of red, white and rosé wines? Know how much you want to spend? Click here for a great way to find the perfect wine selection to match your budget.

Buying wine is a voyage of discovery. It's all about experiencing new tastes, colours and smells and what's more, everyone has their own destination. From the classic French reds of the Rhône Valley to the fruity New World styles of Australia, or the fragrant whites of Alsace to a crisp Malborough sauvignon blanc. Buying wine presents customers with a whole world of choices.

Casemixer gives online wine buyers the perfect way to select mixed cases of wine. In fact, Casemixer can transform your wine list into an almost unlimited number of mixed case selections.

How does it work? There are just three simple steps:

  • enter a budget
  • decide on a case size
  • choose the wine style

It's so simple and it's fun to use. It's also a great way to find a wine gift to match your budget. You can find out more about Casemixer by browsing this site or if you would like further information on how Casemixer can be added to your website please contact us.

Latest News...
Advintage NZ, Wine Retailer

Advintage, one of New Zealand's largest online wine retailers has chosen Casemixer as a key component to its retail website. Their wine list consists of more than 800 products and Casemixer will be used to help their customers find the wines to match their tastes and budget.

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